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A Look At Wedding Cakes

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No traditional wedding is complete without a wedding cake or without the ceremonial smashing-cake-in-the-others-face. Wedding cakes comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and designs. The shear number available can make the decision daunting, but the results are often beautiful.

Wedding cakes differ from birthday cakes and other traditional cakes. They are usually very large and intricately decorated, composed of many layers. There may be a glass ornament of some sort on the top, and the other layers may be decorated with lesser plastic items.

When choosing a cake, taste is always the first consideration. A cake that looks good is worth nothing if it tastes awful. Visit the perspective bakery and ask to taste a sample of the cake and frosting that will be used. Pay particular attention for any grittiness or unusual textures or tastes. If something does not seem right, take a second bite. If the taste is still present, look for a different bakery.

Most wedding planners will have a session set up to view and sample dozens of different cakes. If this is the case, the decision will be made much more simple and less time consuming.

Once a bakery has been chosen, look at the designs they offer. Is the selection large or small, and do any of them appeal to you? Designs may be uniform no matter the size of the cake, but others are size-specific. Determining the approximate number of guests will let you determine which size cake you will need, narrowing your options further.

The designs can sometimes be customized to fit the theme of your wedding. If you have specific color or floral themes, ask about personalizing options for the cake. Adding personal effects will make your cake unique and different from every other wedding cake.

Once you have decided on a cake and design, find out what the time frame for delivery is. Ideally, the bakery should have as much time as it needs to complete the order. Rushed orders are usually very expensive, as other orders have to be placed last.

The cake may be delivered by the bakery. If not, you will need to arrange to have it picked up and delivered. If your catering service offers this, be sure to inform them with ample time the need to get it, along with the address.

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