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Appreciating Wedding Traditions

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Virginia Wedding Articles » Wedding Etiquette

Weddings have been known to be some of the most coveted ceremonies that a man and a woman can take place in. This is because it is known to be a contraction of everlasting love for a couple, especially those that want to take it a step further through the marriage. Appreciating the various wedding traditions that are common place for many people will help others to also enjoy all that the wedding has to offer.

Many of the weddings that still take place today are all bound by wedding traditions. This can come in various forms of the wedding, but there are many wedding traditions that still ring true. For example, many of the brides that are in a wedding will wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. This has been a wedding tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and is often seen as good luck for those that use it in their wedding. Another wedding tradition that is often quite common is throwing rice at the bride and the groom as they come out of the chapel or are sent off in the car on their honeymoon. Although this has been quite popular in the past, there are new wedding traditions that are taking place of the rice, as the rice has been seen as hurting birds that will often come and eat the rice. New wedding traditions, such as blowing bubbles at the bride and the groom have now taken main stage at many wedding ceremonies.

Other wedding traditions that have also taken place in the past, such as having a dj at a wedding reception, or even having a luau at a Hawaiian wedding, have all played important roles in carrying out the various wedding traditions that are available today. Some people may even keep the wedding traditions alive in their own families, which is also a lot of fun for many couples. This is a good way to experience what family members before them have experienced, as well as a means of making sure that the wedding tradition will continue for other generations to come. There is a lot of appreciation that lies in the hearts of many who have experienced wedding traditions first hand in their own weddings, and are looking forward to passing down the wedding traditions to their own children in the future.

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