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Proper Wedding Etiquette

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Virginia Wedding Articles » Wedding Etiquette


Wedding etiquette various by culture, but the most common traditional weddings have a set form of etiquette that most try to strive for. Most of the etiquette rules are the by-product of tradition only, and don't really have any practical bearing. The costs are usually split in the following ways, though various geographical locations may have a slight variation in these standards.

The groom is typically expected to pay for the brides ring and engagement ring, as well as the brides gift, the honeymoon, and the marriage license. His expenses are usually more than that of the brides, though less than his families or the brides family. In addition to the above expenses, he is also expected to pay for:

? accommodations for distant groom's men
? the corsages
? boutonnières
? brides flowers
? clergy, minister, or other marrying official
? accessories for the men at the wedding

The bride typically has less expected expenses than the groom and both his family and her own. The typical expenses of the bride are:

? grooms wedding ring
? attendants gifts
? accommodations for distant attendants
? gift for the groom

Family of the Groom
The grooms family has traditionally been required to pay a great deal less than the brides family, though the expenses can still be rather large. There are times when the grooms family helps pay for parts of the reception or ceremony costs, however, and often times the brides and grooms families will split the costs more evenly The groom's family is typically expected to pay for:

? clothing
? travel and lodging expenses
? the rehearsal dinner
? the gift for the newlyweds

Family of the Bride
Etiquette dictates that the brides family have the greatest amount of expenses. The brides family typically pays:

? the reception
? brides gown
? invitations and thank you cards
? photographer
? videographer
? ceremony
? bridesmaid, ring bearer, flower girl, and related accessories
? Transportation from ceremony to reception
? luncheon
? parking and security

The attendants are generally only responsible for themselves, though sometime the brides family will help cover their costs.

? any traveling expenses/accommodations
? wedding gifts

These are the general rules, and have become accepted as the general finance guidelines. It is never a set deal, and often times, the grooms family helps pay some of the costs of the reception. Some families decide to forgo tradition completely and split the costs evenly, while other adhere strictly to the rules. What you choose to do will largely depend on the financial capabilities of both particles.

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