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Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

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Selecting the perfect engagement ring is often a task that’s easier said than done. Whether you are a man selecting a ring to present to your significant other when you propose, or a woman selecting your ring after having become engaged, it is quite likely that there are a number of decisions to make that you have not yet considered. Until you actually have to select an engagement ring, the process seems somewhat simple: as long as you find a ring that looks nice and suits you, everything is fine! While this is true in a very basic way, however, it does not properly address some of the intricacies involved in selecting the perfect diamond for you as an individual. As you begin your selection process, there are a number of important factors to consider.

A quick look at 77Diamonds will show you that it isn’t always as simple as a silver band with a diamond on top. Some rings have other, smaller stones set along their surfaces, some are a bit plainer, and some have very unique settings for the main diamonds. Just looking through the various styles will show you that there is more to selecting a ring than just picking out an affordable stone. For the style, it is best to simply think of the bride-to-be’s specific tastes, and whether she would like something a bit simpler, or something more on the elegant or glamorous side.

Once you have chosen a style of engagement ring to work with, you will need to begin thinking about the diamond itself, and for many people this is the hard part. The fact is, most people without specific experience buying diamond jewelry do not understand what to look for in a good diamond. The following terms can help you to understand what separates high quality stones from lower quality ones:

• Cut – The specific way in which the surface of a diamond has been cut. A high quality cut essentially means that the diamond will reflect light effectively, making the stone shine brightly.

• Color – An ideal color for a diamond is “white,” which is the term meant to mean clear. The whiter your diamond, the clearer it is, and the more it will allow light to pass through it.

• Clarity – A stone’s clarity refers to its perfection. Surface scratches or interior blemishes will take away from the clarity grade, and the diamonds with the highest clarity, again, allow light to pass through them for better shine.

• Carat – The carat is simply the weight of a diamond. Higher carat rings are heavier, and thus more rare and often more expensive. However, the carat says nothing about the stone’s actual quality.

Understanding these terms can certainly help you to understand what you are looking through as you consider diamonds. With regard to selecting the perfect ring, just consider the bride-to-be’s individual preferences. Some women prefer larger rings, and others want something more simple and perfect. Whatever the case, with careful consideration and selection, you should be able to find something perfect.

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