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Holding A Great Wedding Shower

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Virginia Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

Wedding showers are a long standing tradition. Most showers are a celebration of the wedding, and a chance for the guests to bring gifts and plan special effects, shows, or games for the couple. A good wedding shower will be fun, and consist of good food and fun games. Showers can be as simple or as elaborate as desired, but no matter the size, there are a few aspects of planning that must be considered.

In order to have guests at the shower, invitations will need to be sent. The invitations can be printed and sent by a planner, but many people are now choosing to create their own. Cheap or free computer software, in addition to fast laser printers, makes self-designed and printed invitations simple to do.

The card does not have to be fancy. A simple invitation with minimal designs is perfectly acceptable. However, each card should include the pertinent information. This includes who the party is for, the RSVP date, the party date, any themes that should be adhered to, the location, and contact information.

No party is complete without food. A good choice of food will be necessary to keep the party going for a decent amount of time.

If the shower is going to be thrown at a restaurant, than a meal is to be expected. However, if the shower is going to be during a time of day when no meal is typically served, an array of snacks and finger foods is fine.

If the party is formal and extravagant, some will consider catering. Others choose to have a buffet in place for the guests. Finally, others choose to have a fun, informal party where everyone brings their favorite dish.

Whats a party without games? Good games make a bridal shower successful. If the party is boring and guests are left to do nothing more than idle talk, the odds are the party will not last long. Having a selection of games available will keep everyone entertained and assure that the party does not end early.

There are many different games that can be played. Some games are traditional, such as guessing what items are in a paper bag. Others can be new or unique. If you are uncertain of what games to play, tell everyone to come with something they can do in mind. This will keep everyone entertained and invite variety.

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