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The Many Choices of the Wedding Menu

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Wedding menus are an integral part of a successful reception. Many guests are likely to remember the menu for some time, and having a poor choice of food will make the time less enjoyable. Planning a menu is a careful decision, and comes with a number of factors to consider. In addition to the available budget and the number of guests, there are also a number of other factors to consider.

Will the menu need to be kosher? If not, are there going to be any guests who need to have kosher options? Failing to plan for those guests can the make the reception uncomfortable for them, leaving them hungry and with nothing to do while others eat. Preparing at least one option for a kosher meal will give an option to someone who might otherwise have to skip the meal.

The size of variety in the menu will be determined directly by the budget. The more options that are available, the higher the cost of the reception. Most weddings settle on two or three of the best recipes, and one meal for alternative diners, such as kosher meals or vegetarian options. If the budget is higher, a buffet type of meal may be considered, as well as a larger number of options.

The type of food served will usually be beef or poultry, most often chicken. The meal may be grilled or roasted, and will come with some type of side. No matter the type chosen, making sure the meal tastes good is important. Meet with the catering service and sample the same food they are going to be serving on your wedding day. A meal that tastes bad will not only embarrass the host, but also the guests, and will leave them in a position of having to choose to eat the food or not.

Catering Service
The catering service chosen should have a good history of satisfied customers and excellent food. Read reviews of the service on the companies website, or in their brochures. Request an interview, and ask to sample the food. A good service will be more than happy to accommodate all these needs in hopes of earning your business. While the budget and number of guests will help narrow the options, taking the time to shop around for a good catering service will assure that the food is of high quality and good taste.

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