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Family Help In The Planning Process

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Virginia Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

So you are now engaged, and the necessity of planning a wedding is upon you. There is a vast amount of issues that need to be dealt with, people to be contacted, and details to be set up. The process can seem horribly confusing, and most people do not know where to start. There are many steps to planning a wedding, but there are a few basic ones that will get the process moving.

Enjoy Yourselves
Don't immediately jump into planning a wedding after getting engaged. Take some time to enjoy yourself, to show off your ring and think about your future. Starting the wedding plans immediately can strain the relationship and lead to undo stress.

Tell Mom and Dad
You will, of course, have to tell your parents. They should be informed before other family members and friends. Failing to do so could lead to them finding out from a different source and feeling hurt from not being informed. Tradition dictates that the brides parents be informed first, but it really doesn't matter. If you're a stickler for tradition, you likely asked the brides parents for permission, so they will already know that a proposal has been made.

If you live out of state, try to plan a surprise trip to visit them. A phone call or email staying that you're engaged is not nearly personal enough for something like a wedding. This is a time to celebrate, and celebrations are best done with the ones you love.

Tell Everyone Else
Once mom and dad knows, you can tell everyone else, assuming they haven't already! Calling friends and family and telling them to spread the word is perhaps the most exciting way. Sending announcement cards is another, and may be more practical for more distant family members and acquaintances.

For more extreme forms, announcing it at a large event where a good number of friends and family will be is a good way. Examples of places would a graduation or reunion.

Pick a Date
Right now, no one cares about the wedding. They just want a date. When are you going to officially get married? When will it become finalized, so they can stop biting their nails and pulling their hair out? The date doesn't have to be absolute. A time frame, such as June or December, will be enough to satisfy everyone.

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