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Daley DJs

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Williamsburg, VA
Phone: (757) 566-4530, (757) 566-4530

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Services Provided: Coordinators, DJs

Areas Served: Central, Coastal

Elegant and Sophisticated Entertainment Options for the Discerning Bride.

This is your day and your party.

Simply put: If your want a GREAT party, hire great entertainment.

Get to know your entertainer and let them get to know you. The relationship you will share with them is so much more than “just music”. Ask any “former bride” and they will tell you that the talent and experience of the wedding entertainer will "make or break" your party.

As Virginia's only member in the nationally recognized Wedding Entertainment Director's Guild™, I will assist you in planning and coordinating all things "entertainment". I will guide you through the huge task of creating a great reception. Together we will design unique and personal "moments" that will make your wedding day memorable and fun for all your family and friends.

Additionally, I will act as your "Master of Ceremonies", which means I will inform and direct your guests throughout the evening and keep everything going smoothly . . . . .and of course, I will incorporate your musical preferences into the evening while keeping the energy fun and the dance floor full.

I believe in the personal approach. I will be available to you throughout the planning process and will meet with you multiple times prior to your wedding day either in person or via email or telephone. The more time we spend together the better I will understand YOUR wedding day vision and be able to deliver.

Great events don’t just happen by accident. They take an enormous amount of preparation and planning. I promise to stand by you every step of the way. I promise to be available to you and quickly return your emails and phone calls. I promise to share my experience and knowledge and I promise to make your satisfaction my number one priority.

Quality entertainment is vital to the success of any event, especially weddings. Choosing to hire a talented and experienced wedding entertainment professional as your advocate on such an important occasion will be one of the best fiscal and emotional decisions you make.

Experience. Talent. Commitment to Excellence.

As a proud member of I.S.E.S. (International Special Events Society), M.P.I. (Meeting Professionals International) and A.D.J.A.(American Disc Jockey Association), I am continually educating myself through industry workshops, seminars and meetings in order to provide you with innovative and well-informed options.

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