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Goodstone Inn & Restaurant

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36205 Snake Hill Road, Middleburg, VA, 20117
Phone: 540-687-3333, 877-219-4663

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Services Provided: Travel, Venues

Areas Served: Central, Coastal, Western

Magnificent Weddings at Goodstone

Say “I do” to an elegant country wedding on 265 acres in the heart of Virginia’s wine and hunt country. The Goodstone estate’s pool, gardens and historic façade of the old mansion are the perfect backdrop for a truly spectacular wedding event.

A tented, poolside reception can accommodate approximately 220 guests or we can cater for a more intimate luxury wedding in our restaurant for up to 50 guests. Goodstone’s Manor House offers an elegant setting for up to 75 guests.

Unhurried and intimate, a wedding at Goodstone Inn & Restaurant means that you and your guests will enjoy the finest of Southern hospitality and gracious service, while relaxing in the surroundings of our spectacular Middleburg estate.

Call for a Goodstone wedding consultation toady: 540.687.3333.

“We just wanted to thank you once again for the fantastic time we had on our wedding weekend at Goodstone Inn. Naturally, the location and colors were gorgeous, but after that, it is difficult to determine the best part of the weekend. Maybe it was the kind and generous treatment from the staff that exceeded all expectations and provided a stress-free environment. Perhaps it was the delicious food at the rehearsal dinner and breakfasts. Maybe it was the fact that the staff scrambled at the last minute to find a case of Champagne for our wedding toast after we realized we had forgotten ours at home. Goodstone was a big part of the best weekend of our lives and we look forward to visiting you again for many years to come.” — Mr. and Mrs. K., Arlington, VA

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