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Just 4U wedding services

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2407 alder st, norfolk, va, 23513
Phone: 7572731241

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Services Provided: Photographers, Video

Areas Served: Coastal

You need to invest in a professional videographer for your wedding day. A trained and experienced wedding videographer will capture the most important moment of your special event. You need someone who is skilled in video production that has good editing skils..

Since 2008 we have been making brides in virginia happy with our work. We would love to do the same for you for your special event. Just checkout our testimonials to see what clients are saying .

Videography is the best way to preserve your wedding memories, it captures the mood of the wedding day in motion and in sound. Your video should have good sound as well as good video that is clear and well put together . We capture each and every special moment, we edit so everything looks perfect

We add particular detailing to your video, such as special effects, titles and background music. Our up-to-date technology equipment along with our unique and creative minds will make your video of your wedding day one that you will love and come to remember!

We use modern broadcast-quality video production equipment, wireless microphones, and professional video production software .When were done your wedding will look like a movie

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