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Marriott Chesapeake

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725 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, VA, 23320
Phone: 757-443-6543

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Services Provided: Hotels, Venues

Areas Served: Coastal

May or June. Big or small. Afternoon or evening.
Traditional or decidedly not.

When you decide on a hotel wedding, our planners plan on making your wedding a dream come true by making everything perfectly yours. Every flower. Every morsel. Every song. Every moment.

Because the perfect wedding means different things to
different people.

But they all want the same thing. Joy. The ever after kind.
And, you’ll be glad to know, your hotel wedding means the same to us.

Located near the Chesapeake Conference Center, in the Greenbrier business district, the beautiful Chesapeake Marriott hotel offers guests affordability, comfort, style, and innovative spaces that inspire.

Have a green Chesapeake, VA wedding! Our eco-friendly hotel is a proud member of EarthPact.

Our hotel can create a menu with local, organic food - try it for your next Chesapeake, VA event!

Our Grand Ballroom accommodates up to 500 guests - perfect for a large Chesapeake, VA wedding.

Intimate spaces are available for bridal and baby showers, family reunions, and smaller events.

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