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Poplar Springs Inn, Spa & Manor House Restaurant

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9245 Rogues Road, Casanova, VA, 20139
Phone: 800 490-7747, 540 788-4600
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Services Provided: Travel, Venues

Areas Served: Central, Coastal, Western

From elegant receptions to wedding weekends, Poplar Springs will make all your wedding dreams come true. Complete with spa, dining, reception venues, ceremony locations, lodging and more. Indulge in our world!

The Manor House Restaurant is of majestic European design with soaring stone walls and oversized fireplaces. The menu features gourmet American cuisine and is custom designed to suit your tastes. Receptions from 75-175 are accommodated comfortably. For larger receptions you may consider extending the Manor House by tenting the Garden Terrace. For smaller affairs such as intimate weddings, bridal luncheons, rehearsal dinners or post wedding brunch, we have private dining rooms.

We offer 21 well appointed inn rooms for those looking for an intimate weekend affair.

Our full service European Spa is licensed in all the latest spa trends and techniques. It features a blue stone swimming pool, Jacuzzi tub, steam rooms and state of the art exercise room. We will be happy to design a pampering spa day for your and your bridesmaids.

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