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Van H. White

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e-Mail:, Newport News, VA, 23601
Phone: 757-848-7830

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Photo Gallery:
Services Provided: Photographers

Areas Served: Coastal

"Where photojournalism becomes art."
The mother’s tear; the bride’s endearing gaze on her white knight; the delightful décor; the baby’s sweet sleep; the delicious treats; the hugs; the kisses; the handshakes; the occasional wild antics; that athletic dance leaps; the romantic moments; the sunset; the prayer; the pensive moment; the burst of laughter; the heirloom necklace from grandma; the children playing; the teenage pranks; the fellowship of friends; the beauty of smiles, the magnificent scenes and architecture are ALL precious memories that will probably be lost forever without a great photographer. Please allow me to preserve these memories for you in a beautiful way.

I am an award-winning, on-location photographer, experienced in diverse environments, ranging from the fine arts and portraiture to commercial and industrial imaging in the Hampton Roads or Tidewater areas of Virginia. I specializes in weddings and events, on-location portraiture, architecture, fine arts stock photography, night shots, and digital manipulation. I have received over 50 awards and honors.

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